Jonah 1:7-17

Jul 9, 2023    Tony Dicara

Jonah has fled from the Lord’s command because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with

the Ninevites being saved. They were terrible people, murderous idol worshippers that were

viciously oppressing his people, the Jews. Now consciously rebelling, he descends to the

bottom of the boat, as far from the pagan sailors as possible. And in his mind, as far from God

as he could be. Jonah lies inactive and apathetic as the people around him, aware of their

impending death, yet unable to save themselves, struggle in vain. In his sovereignty, God

chose Jonah because He knew he would rebel. He chose Jonah so that you and I and hundreds

of other generations of believers would learn from his story. God was not surprised when he

rebelled. This very scary and painful story, along with all other stories, occurs exactly according

to His plan for us. He knew exactly which boat Jonah was going to board and which crew would

be on it. Their names along with many Ninevites have always been written in the Lamb’s book of

Life. So, we should not be surprised when the crew cast lots and the lot fell to Jonah. We should

not be surprised when Jonah runs from saving a pagan nation, right into saving a pagan crew of

sailors. The Lord’s will is always accomplished with or without our knowledge or cooperation.